Taocon, Inc.

Taocon, Inc. is a premier construction service firm, specializing in high-end Construction Management, General Contracting, and Construction Consulting in Manhattan since 1995.

The principals, Steven Lamazor, David Schlachet, Jon Fogler and Mark Grady each have 25 - 35 years of experience in the New York City construction industry. Throughout that time they have assembled an expert team of managers, support staff and highly skilled craftsmen committed to delivering a product of unmatched quality with over $450,000,000 in completed projects, our detail oriented and responsive management team has honed the art of realizing the design team's vision while maintaining sensitivity towards budgeting and scheduling requirements.

Taocon's reputation is built on attention to detail in both the physical construction of a space and in the equally important elements of communication, coordination, and organization, all of which are keys to the success of every project.

In order to ensure that we continue to achieve the high standards for which Taocon has come to be known, we are committed to carefully limiting the firm's growth so that every project benefits from the personal attention of a principal. We believe that a client should settle for no less. 


Our services

Taocon, Inc. is a full service construction firm. Our services include:

  • General Contracting Services
  • Construction Management Services
  • Pre-construction Services
  • Owner's Representative Services 
  • Design/Build Services
  • Long Term Maintenance & Small Projects (via Tacon White Glove Division)
  • Construction Consulting: Insurance Advocate, Expert Witness & Real Estate Investment Consulting Services


general contracting services

Taocon, Inc. will expertly manage the needs of your construction projects providing:

  • A carefully prepared, thorough and thoughtful bid package, detailed clearly for your project.
  • The involvement of a partner of the firm in every project, large and small.
  • The careful selection of the appropriate subcontractors for your project based on our dedicated stable of loyal craftsmen specializing in every aspect and trade of construction.
  • Skilled and experienced managers and tradesmen that can be utilized as project requirements demand.
  • Clear and industry-standard AIA contracts and understandable billing.
  • A priority emphasis on work site safety.
  • The sterling Reputation and blemish-free record of a fully licenced firm.


Construction Management Services

In our 35 years as premier builders in New York City we have found that the most effective project delivery system the be the Construction Management approach. This team-based method allows the Client, the Architect,  and the Construction Manager to collaborate during the design and construction phase to develop realistic budgets, secure the best pricing and quality, and accelerate the completion of the project by months.

The vast experience of our team also allows us to value engineer many aspects of the project to incorporate production inefficiencies that save time and money without sacrificing design and quality.

The following outlines our approach to Construction Management:

Preconstruction Phase (If Required):

  • Schedule and conduct meeting with the design team and the owner to determine budget and schedule requirements for the project.
  • Prepare overall project schedule and logistics plans to determine flow of information required to meet the goals of the project.
  • Monitor progress and update schedule as necessary.
  • Prepare periodic Preliminary Cost Estimates.
  • Monitor the development  of the project budget and update as necessary to assure that the budgetary goals are being met.
  • Review design documents to determine feasibility of construction.
  • Perform value engineering.
  • Identify long lead-time and arrange for early procurement if necessary.
  • Generate subcontractor interest in the project. Obtain lump sum pricing from multiple subcontractors or vendors for each trade at such a time as the Scope of Work is sufficiently developed to do so.
  • Analyze subcontractor and vendor pricing and make recommendations as to the best choice for the project.
  • Establish Lump Sum or Guaranteed Maximum Price for the Construction Phase.

Construction Phase:

  • Provide full time on site management of the project.
  • Maintain record set of construction documents on site.
  • Monitor and direct subcontractor and vendor progress to assure that the budget and schedule requirements of the owner are being met, taking remedial steps if necessary.
  • Schedule and conduct weekly meeting with design team to review progress and discuss any outstanding issues.
  • Record the progress of the project, utilizing the following documents:
    • RFIs and RFI Logs / RFPs and RFP Logs
    • Submittal Schedules and Submittal Logs.
    • Project Schedule Updates (2 week look-ahead and overall project schedule).
    • Meeting Minutes .
    • Priority Issue Updates.
    • Plan & SK Logs
  • Establish and implement quality control measures and safety procedure and protocols
  • Memorialize changes to the scope of work.
  • Coordinate  inspections and sign-offs by the appropriate governing authorities.
  • Provide close-out documents.


long-term maintenance & service

All of our contracts include the industry-standard one year warranty after substantial completion. Thereafter, as we understand that the ongoing maintenance of any project is essential not only to our clients' long-term use and enjoyment of the space but also to the protection of their investment, we assist in the following ways:

  • Upon completion of the project we will provide a comprehensive and well-organized close-out package including detailed maintenance instructions, should the client prefer to have their own staff maintain the home. This package will also include as-built drawings for the Owners future reference.
  • We offer service contracts to assist with the ongoing maintenance of the home tailored to each project's specific needs, should the client choose to have Taocon perform this work.
  • Our average rate of retention for employees in management positions is nine years, which provides not only stability but an institutional memory that is available to all clients, past and present. Additionally, our senior tradespeople have a rate of retention close to fifteen years, so we can guarantee that there will always be someone available who has extensive knowledge of a given project. 


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